Thursday, September 11, 2008

Government cancels form asking drivers about mental health

From today's edition of The Chronicle Herald:
By Jeffrey Simpson, Staff Reporter

The province has yanked a new application form for getting a driver’s licence because of concern over questions it asked about the psychiatric history of applicants.

"We have withdrawn that form," Jamie Muir, the minister responsible for Service Nova Scotia, said Wednesday. "We’ll be going back to the old one."

His department recently changed the application form for people applying for or renewing a driver’s licence to indicate if they’ve ever had a "psychiatric or psychological condition."

Those who acknowledged that they had at some point in their lives — whether it be a bout of depression or ongoing schizophrenia — were supposed to give more specific details and then have a doctor complete an assessment and provide further information about their medical history.

Mr. Muir said staff at his department failed to check the appropriateness of the wording before putting the new forms into use.

"Quite frankly, there should have been (consultation)," he said. "I apologize for that."
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