Sunday, March 14, 2010

Positive news helps remove stigma of mental illness

A letter to the editor published in today's edition of the Des Moines Register:
Newspapers have the job of reporting the news - the good and the bad. It was a pleasure to read a positive article such as the one in the March 7 Register regarding mental illness, and schizophrenia in particular, "Crimes Distort Disease's Reality."

The article emphasized that mental illness is treatable. As in other illnesses, early diagnosis is imperative for health to improve. Diagnosis, therapy and medication, and sometimes hospitalization, are all components essential to a person with schizophrenia, not unlike other illnesses.

Positive journalism regarding schizophrenia is a welcome window for family members who are living with a stigma that still permeates. More positive knowledge might improve that stigma.

- Patricia Schafer, Ankeny

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Valash said...

This is great! I agree, news like this will help reduce stigma and normalize the illness with more exposure.