Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Beacon Program's new website

The Beacon Program is a provincial psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) program for adults who live with serious mental illness. As a voluntary, community-based program, it empowers people to make choices, gain skills, and meet goals for achieving the greatest amount of independence in life. It is ideally suited to young adults who have the potential to live independently, return to work or school, and expand their social network. Residents learn a wide array of skills related to activities of daily living (meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, home maintenance, budgeting, etc.), medication and illness education, and social and recreational activities.

While attending the Beacon program, clients stay at the Beacon House. Located in Kentville, Nova Scota, this beautiful new residence, built in 2009, provides a “home away from home” while attending the program in the Annapolis Valley. Beacon staff feels it is important for residents of Beacon House to feel safe, secure and respected. In return, residents are asked to respect the house as their own during their stay.

In February of this year (2011), the Beacon Program launched a new website,, designed by Nick Langford.

“I believe this new website offers an excellent overview of what the Beacon Program is all about and what one might expect from the program. I hope it helps to encourage all who are interested – potential participants, family, healthcare providers – from anywhere in Nova Scotia to learn more about the program and ultimately to benefit from this valuable resource.” says Valerie Davis, Manager, Community Support and Rehabilitation Mental Health Program.

The new website includes a “virtual tour” of Beacon House. “The ‘take a tour’ feature allows you to see what the Beacon House is really like, something we were not able to provide before,” says Davis.

For further information on the Beacon Program or for a referral package, please visit

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Anonymous said...

I hope this program is more client-orientated than the one they had at the Beacon unit.