Saturday, July 26, 2014

Families Matter in Mental Health: An Education and Support Program -- Nova Scotia

Research has shown that family members experience less stress and feel more encouraged about caring for their relative and themselves when they understand about mental illness and how to cope with difficult situations.

The aim of this program is to provide family members of people living with mental illness the information, knowledge, common skills and confidence to deal more effectively with their role and to improve the quality of life for both the family member and person with the mental illness.

Families Matter in Mental Health is adapted from a program developed by The Meriden Family Programme. Based out of the UK, The Meriden Family Programme is a training and organizational development program which has been promoting the development of family-sensitive, evidence-based mental health services since 1998, with a particular emphasis on the implementation of family work. It is a National Health Services (NHS) program with extensive experience of working with organizations to ensure families remain at the heart of quality mental health service delivery.

To download the Families Matter in Mental Health provincial brochure (PDF), please click here.

To register to participate in an 11-week session of Families Matter in Mental Health in Nova Scotia, or to learn more about this family education and support program, please connect with your local Mental Health and Addictions Services, contact information for which is available by clicking here (for people living within the boundaries of the Capital Health district [including the IWK Health Centre], please contact the Healthy Minds Cooperative by calling (902) 404-3504, or by sending an email to

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