26th Annual Conference (2014) - The Brain: Mental Health & Psychiatric Disorders

Held on November 7th, 2014

Keynote Speaker

"Brain Stimulation in Resistant Depression"

Professor of Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry
University of Toronto
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Toronto, Ontario

To download Dr. Daskalakis' biosketch (PDF), please click here.

Invited Speakers

"Early Intervention for Psychotic Disorders - Recent Findings"

Interim Associate Chief
Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Dalhousie University
Youth Psychosis Program
IWK Health Centre

"What We've Learned about the Brain by Studying the Sense of Smell in Psychotic Disorders"

Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology
Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia Psychosis Research Unit

To download Dr. Good's biosketch (PDF), please click here.

"Mindfulness and Contemplation in Support of Recovery"

Dr. David Whitehorn
Department of Psychiatry
Dalhousie University
A Founding Director
Atlantic Contemplative Centre

"Early Experience, Stress and Long-Term Neurobehavioural Development: Unraveling the Thread of Nature via Nurture"

Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Dalhousie University

Morning Emcee

Ms. Starr Dobson
President & Chief Executive Officer

Conference Sponsors


The conference logo is an original graphic design donated by Terri Vernon, faculty member, Nova Scotia Community College, Annapolis Valley Campus, Middleton.

"The theme of this year's conference logo is clouds. When desiging the logo, I was reflecting on the way that different people see different images in clouds and how this is a matter of individual perspective. I made the brain appear "cloud-like" to convey the idea that there are many perspectives on brain science and mental health, and that these are constantly changing." ~ Terri Vernon

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