Monday, April 19, 2010

Help for the body and mind

An article published in the April 16th edition of The Record:
Centre NuHaB to add mental health programs to their services

By Corrinna Pole

For nearly fifteen years the Life Skills Development program at Centre NuHaB in Ascot Corner has offered non-traditional therapy focusing primarily on addictions.
This year, the centre anticipates an addition to its service, focusing on mental health, with the opening of a “Therapeutic Recover/Healing Ranch” called the Ranch de Cantons.

NuHaB founder André Rochon [pictured] and his wife Cindy have embarked on a mammoth venture to purchase a multifunctional property that will address multiple aspects of mental health issues in a non-institutional setting, helping “humans to find their human being.”

“We’ve been working in addictions for years… I’ve seen more and more addictions and mental health (issues) and I’m getting more and more calls from hospitals and institutions and support groups to work with their mental health clientele,” said André. “I’ve noticed there are fewer organizations dedicated to a complete approach to mental health issues, which is much more than giving them medication and putting them on a ward with papers and crayons. There is much more needed; it’s a big job.”

The Rochons envision an ecofriendly, self-sustained community dedicated to helping individuals suffering from a wide range of psychological and emotional disorders reconnect with themselves by focusing on six aspects - the mind, body, spirit, interdependence, independence and realization.

Although therapeutic ranches have been in existence since the early 1900’s, the Ranch de Cantons would be the first of its kind in the province. It would respond to the seven strategic goals that have been outlined by the Mental Health Commission of Canada that would enable everyone in the country to attain the best possible mental health and wellbeing.

The goals include support, prevention, responding to diverse needs, recognizing and supporting the family’s role in care, offering access to useful treatments and supports, advancing research and taking action using the best evidence from multiple sources of knowledge, and lastly valuing those living with mental health problems and illnesses.

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