Sunday, June 20, 2010

Recidivism Drops in Those Supervised by Mental Health Courts

An article published in the June 18th edition of Psychiatric News:
By Aaron Levin

Research on the outcomes of mental health courts is steadily accumulating, and the results show promise, but some critical questions remain unanswered.

Criminal defendants who complete programs supervised by mental health courts are less likely to be rearrested in the following two years, according to a new study by North Carolina researchers appearing in the May Psychiatric Services.

About 72 percent of those who completed the program were not rearrested in that time, compared with just 19 percent of those who were expelled from the program and 37 percent of those who chose to leave, said Virginia Hiday, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of sociology and anthropology, and doctoral student Bradley Ray, M.A., both at North Carolina State University.

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