Friday, October 1, 2010

Laura Burke named a 2010 Champion of Mental Health

From the 2010 Mental Illness Awareness Week website:

Champion - Youth

Laura Burke
Concordia University, Master's in Drama Therapy student

Ms. Burke [pictured above] has made outstanding contributions to the field of mental health in Canada, working to raise awareness, fight biases and stigma, and contribute to community organizations. She has given talks on recovery for the Nova Scotia Early Psychosis Program and acted as a peer support worker at Laing House, a drop-in centre for youth living with mental illness. When at Laing, she also ran a drama group and a writer’s circle, and was constantly inspired by the courage, resilience and determination of the youth she worked with.

In 2008 she recorded an album of her spoken word poetry about her journey through schizophrenia and recovery, and in 2009, she began her role at the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia as a peer support facilitator. Ms. Burke has showed continued dedication to the field of mental health, and has bravely drawn on her own experience with schizophrenia to positively impact her community.

Ms. Burke strongly believes that social inclusion, unconditional acceptance, and the opportunity to use creativity as a force of healing are invaluable, too often overlooked components of recovery. After graduation, Ms. Burke hopes to research and practice drama therapy to improve negative and cognitive symptoms in youth experiencing first episode psychosis.

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Adam said...

I was wondering if Laura Burke has a facebook page?

SSNS said...

Hi Adam:

I have asked Laura this question and when I get an answer I will get back to you.



Anonymous said...

Hi, Adam! I don't as of yet, but I may be developing a webpage this summer. Thanks for your interest, and I will keep the SSNS updated about my activities. Warmly, Laura

Chato B Stewart said...

Quick update... I just pumped into Laura at the DBSA conference in Texas and she still is not on Facebook... :( But word is that Website will be coming out soon...


Anonymous said...

Haha. I am on fb, but don't have an artist's page yet. Maybe this summer. I am certainly available to communicate with via fb. I am easy to find, and am a member of the SSNS fb group…


Adam Gaile said...

I have schizoaffective disorder myself and I am also a poet...Laura's poetry is amazing, and she is like a hero to me. To bad she lives in Canada she would be the coolest girlfriend lol...but seriously where can I find the text copies of her poetry I would love to share a few of them with some of the members of a clubhouse I go to for mentally ill adults.

Laura said...

I sadly did not get around to the webpage last summer, but this summer I will do so. I will also be recording an additional number of tracks for the newer cds, and I think I might have books included with them. Thanks for your interest in my poetry! :) Laura