Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Crisis Intervention Team International (CITI) Conference

September 12th to September 14th, 2011
Virginia Beach, Virginia

An email received by the SSNS today from Maureen Wheller, Senior Strategy Advisor (Captial Health Mental Health Services):
Good morning,

Mary Pyche, acting program leader for Emergency Mental Health at Capital Health, has been chosen to speak at the International Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Conference being held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, September 2011. Mary will be joined by one of the Halifax Regional Police Officers dedicated to the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team. The constable presenting with Mary also co-delivers CIT education with Mary to police officers. Their topic is the Four Level Training matrix Mary developed to enhance mental health training for law enforcement and how it fits with a Crisis Team Co-Response Model.

Here is a brief summary written by Mary for the conference program:
The Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team, Capital Health Mental Health Program is a co-response model of policing and mental health. We believe that a combination of CIT and a co-response model provides the most comprehensive service for building capacity in a community response to mental illness. One aspect of the partnership the Mobile Crisis Team has with Halifax Regional Police in this co-response model is the delivery of mental health training and education to police members. They have developed a four level matrix model of training. Each level has distinct learning objectives and serves a purpose to deliver some level of education on mental health and crisis response to all police officers in the Halifax Regional Police Department. This presentation will meet the following learning objectives:
  1. Increase understanding of a co-response model of policing and mental health and the fit this has with a CIT Program.

  2. Gain knowledge of a model of police training in mental health that includes all police members attain one level of training.

  3. Increase knowledge in developing and implementing a training Matrix.
Mary also organized the provincial police/mental health liaison conference scheduled for June 13th, 2011.

Congratulations, Mary!

Thank you.


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