Friday, July 8, 2011

Points to Remember

From the June 17th edition of Psychiatric News:
Mental Illness Is a Brain Disorder
  • “Multimodal” techniques using EEG and functional magnetic resonance imaging are providing a comprehensive picture of the structural, functional, and temporal connectivity in the brain.
  • Medications, cognitive-behavior therapy and other interventions appear to affect different parts of brain circuitry involved in mental disorders. 
    Mental Disorders Are Developmental Disorders
    • Onset of mental illness is almost entirely before the age of 25.
    • Emerging evidence shows that ADHD is a developmental disorder characterized by delay of cortical maturation.
    Mental Disorders Result From Complex Genetic Risk Plus Experiential Factors
    • Genetics of mental illness are characterized by very rare but potent variations.
    • These rare variations result in changes in brain circuitry that, in complex interaction with environmental influences, result in many pathways to phenotypes of mental illness.

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