Friday, October 7, 2011

He Wants To Stop Taking His Medication

Dr. Xavier Amador has posted a new video on his website:

Our son is 22 years old & diagnosed with schizophrenia. He first became ill at 18. He’s been hospitalized many time, 5 times within the last year. He’s also been arrested for miscellaneous crimes due to his thought disorder and delusions about what people are doing to him. He was given a guardian by the state last Dec and put in a long term care facility for 6 months and mandated medication. He was release several weeks ago, and immediately stopped taking medication. He’s all along said he does not feel he has schizophrenia, and will not take medication. He’s said he feels he has an anger problem. He does continue to see his psychiatrist. We see our son weekly, have a good relationship with him now, but are very afraid of when he gets ill again. Do you have any suggestions? – Carroll and her Husband from Alameda, CA

Dr. Amador's Answer

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