Monday, June 13, 2011

Mental Health Commission of Canada Peer Project

An email received on June 8th from the Mental Health Commission of Canada's Peer Project Team Leader (pictured):
Subject: Communiqué about the Peer Project – Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)

Following the April 2011 Peer Project update, many of you expressed interest in participating in a Webinar session to discuss how to preserve the natural, organic way in which grass-roots peer support has functioned, as we develop a certification process for peer support.

We decided to consult members of the Peer community to help plan for this event. During our discussions, we talked about the format of the Webinar, possible panelists were identified and the most beneficial means for participants to have an open discussion was determined.

It was important for us to organize this Webinar in a way where the issue was treated in a responsible and respectful manner. It was clear from the two groups we engaged with that panelists should rapidly present varying views on the issue but that the majority of the time allocated for this Webinar be at the disposal of participants, allowing a healthy dialog to take place.

We invite you to participate in one of the following events:
The Webinar will be structured with two panelists each presenting views on the issue for 10 minutes followed by a 40 minute moderated discussion where all participants will be invited to the dialogue. Both sessions will be organised in the same fashion and host the same panelists and the presentations during each session will be the same. Following the sessions, participants will have access to the content of both Webinars and have the opportunity to provide further input.

Our panelists:

Joan Edwards-Karmazyn, Executive Director with the National Network for Mental Health;

Diana Capponi, Employment Works Coordinator for Center for Addictions and Mental Health; and

John Massam, Peer Support Program Coordinator, Coast Mental Health.

Our moderator:

Karen Liberman, Executive Director, Mood Disorders Association of Ontario

* Biographies of the panelists will follow shortly

At this time, we request that you sign-up for one of the webinar sessions by Friday, June 24th. In order to ensure maximum participation and entertain a good dialogue, we will host 20 people per Webinar and we are prepared to hold additional Webinars if required, to accommodate all participants. Please indicate clearly which session you would like to attend.

Joining instructions, panelist and moderator biographies will follow shortly.

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in this very important part of the process.
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