Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mental Health Commission of Canada - 2010/2011 Annual Report

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An email from the Mental Health Commission of Canada which the SSNS received today:

On behalf of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) I am pleased to present the English and French versions of our 2010-2011 interactive annual report.

Together we can. It is our theme this year because our accomplishments are due in large part to collaboration with a wide variety of individuals, groups and organizations. Alongside our partners we worked to promote mental health, reduce stigma and improve services and supports. With our hundreds of partners, we are helping to make mental health a priority for all Canadians.

MHCC Annual Report

Our Annual Report outlines the significant progress we have made towards achieving our goals. Among other updates, readers will learn that we have now housed hundreds of people in five Canadian cities through At Home/Chez Soi – our national research project on mental health and homelessness. We have now trained over 20,000 people across the country in Mental Health First Aid. This represents an increase of over 100% since it became an official MHCC program in 2010. These are just two milestones made possible through support from the Government of Canada.

I hope you will find this document engaging and informative and will enjoy flipping through its pages. Please forward it along to your colleagues, friends and families. I look forward to your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Louise Bradley
President and Chief Executive Officer

To download the PDF version of the MHCC Annual Report, please click here.

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