Thursday, August 4, 2011

Overview - Mental Health Commission of Canada

Overview of the Mental Health Commission of Canada as posted on LinkedIn:
People living with mental illness have the right to obtain the services and supports they need. They have the right to be treated with the same dignity and respect as we accord everyone struggling to recover from any form of illness.

The goal of the Mental Health Commission of Canada is to help bring into being an integrated mental health system that places people living with mental illness at its centre.

To this end, the Commission encourages cooperation and collaboration among governments, mental health service providers, employers, the scientific and research communities, as well as Canadians living with mental illness, their families and caregivers.

The organization of publicly funded mental health services and supports to the general population is the responsibility of each provincial and territorial government, not of the Commission.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada will:
  • Be a catalyst for the reform of mental health policies and improvements in service delivery;
  • Act as a facilitator, enabler and supporter of a national approach to mental health issues;
  • Work to diminish the stigma and discrimination faced by Canadians living with mental illness;
  • Disseminate evidence based information on all aspects of mental health and mental illness to governments, stakeholders and the public.

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